We are a Manufacture of Molded Pulp Packaging

We provide space-saving and environmentally friendly molded fibre packaging for protection
during short and long-distance transports.

100% Recyclable, Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Paper Pulp, also known as moulded pulp or moulded fibre, is the most environmentally friendly material for packaging. Pulp is made from recycled cardboard and paper, giving new life to waste paper. Moulded pulp is an environmentally friendly material, but it is also durable, flexible, and stable. It is idealfor packaging high-value and fragile goods for safe transport.

Employing the newest technologies for our production, we can mould the pulp into any shape and size. We are able to create packaging tailored to any particular product. State of the art machinery enables us to produce packaging of very high quality and consistency. The surface of our pulp products is smooth and uniform and does not expose the packaged products to damage or mechanical attrition.

Our Pulp Products

Our Products

Our extensive range of high-quality pulp paper products are strong and resilient, designed with a full cycle in mind a totally endless lifespan! After use, the pulp products can be composted or returned to the paper recycling chain repeatedly. 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable alternatives to replace environmentally damaging single use plastics, foams and polystyrenes.

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